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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jigsimur?

Jigsimur is a Powerful Herbal drink capable of curing so many chronic diseases and infections

What is the Origin and History of Jigsimur?

Jigsimur is a South African Traditional medicine.
Jigsimur was founded by Dr. Jonathan Smith when he was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to use herbs to treat himself.
He then went on research regarding the herbal recipe his grandmother was using to treat people locally.
After his research he then decided to drink his grandmother herbal recipe, as he started taking the herbal recipe, he discovered a tremendous change concerning his health challenges and then he continued using the recipe on himself for 11 months and guess what? The Cancer cells were killed, he went back to the hospital and was tested cancer free, his sudden cure of the deadly cancer disease baffled his fellow doctors and they enquired of him the secret behind his cure, because not only was he cured but his organs were entirely renewed like that of a younger person.
Then he was bold and confidence enough to give out the recipe to people. You know how some doctors behave when it comes to herbal medicine, so he started giving out the recipe and he discovered his recipe cures different ailments, later they discovered that even those with HIV were cured of the virus as we all know South Africa has high rate of people living with HIV. So he decided to bottle it and that’s what we have now as Jigsimur.
Remember he took Jigsimur consistently for 11 months

Jigsimur has been existing since 1998 and it’s fully registered in Nigeria with NAFDAC No: A7- 2720L

What does ailments does Jigsimur Handle?

Jigsimur is a Herbal Drink made from rich natural ingredient of the Aloe Ferox plant. This Health Drink is effective in treating

1. Fibroid Cases.
2. All forms of disease and Infections.
3. Diabetes.
4. Arthritis.
5. Cancer
6. High Blood Pressure
7. Infertility Problems.
8. Sexual Weakness
9. Ulcer
10. STD
12. Vaginal Infection
13. Pile
15. Skin Disease
16. Staphylococcus
17. HPV
19. Fallopian Tube Blockage
20. Low Sperm Count
and several Health Problems.